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Cartridge Dust Collectors,
Dust Collection Workstations, Downdraft Benches, and Air Cleaners
UAS manufacturers high performance reverse pulse dust collectors which are based on a top inlet, "True" downflow internal, laminar flow air pattern concept which enhances filter media cleaning and extends filter life. Smog-Hog,® Dust-Hog,® and Dust-Cat® Cartridge type dust collector and mist collectors are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. These collectors provide "crystal clear" discharge air streams from such problem areas as heavy production welding areas, metal polishing, metal work grinding, and wood dust generating areas. Designs include wall mounted units, free standing units, integral fan/blower units, environmental fume control workstations and enclosures, downdraft bench work tables, and modular cartridge dust collectors.

Electrostatic Precipitators
The electrostatic precipitator technology the heart of the SMOG-HOG design, makes it the most efficient air cleaning system available.
As the airborne contaminants are drawn into the SMOG-HOG, they are first screened by a mechanical prefilter. This filter removes large particles from the airstream and helps to evenly distribute the air through the unit.
The air then travels from the prefilter through the airfoil ionizer. Inside the ionizer; the particles are electrically charged by an electrostatic field. The ionizers' unique shape enhances even airflow distribution and, together with integral bypass prevention baifles, assures complete ionization of all particles entering the unit.
From the ionizer; the charged particles enter the collecting cell where the contaminants are repelled from the charged plates and collected on the grounded plates within the cell.
Finally the air enters the afterfilter. Interchangeable with the prefilter; the afterfilter helps maintain even airflow distribution. The clean air is then recirculated back into the plant.

Reduce Costs and
Improve Product Quality
Both SMOG-HOG and DUST-CAT reduce energy and housekeeping costs and reclaim valuable resources. SMOG-HOG and DUST-CAT help you to:

  • Reduce exhaust air make-up requirements by up to 80% because the clean air is recirculated back into your plant.
  • In many cases, achieve complete payback on equipment costs in less than a year through energy savings.
  • Reduce housekeeping costs by collecting airborne particles before they settle on floors, walls and machinery.
  • Improve product quality by eliminating dirt and dust that can settle on your manulactured goods throughout production and packaging.
  • Reclaim valuable resources by agglomerating oil smoke and mists into free-flowing liquids–thousands of gallons of cutting oil, coolants, }ubricants and plasticizers are recycled each year by our customers.

Media Filtration Systems
Dust-Cat Media Filtration Systems help you meet OSHA requirements for employee health and safety by removing contaminants from the air. Designed as a simple and economical solution to collect dry or wet particles, the Dust-Cat can collect small, large or conductive materials.
The Dust-Cat products are non-electrostatic air cleaning systems with high efficiency filters ideal for removing smoke, dust, oil mist and other pollutants from plant air. Offering a practical and effective solution for collecting contaminants, the Dust-Cat series comes with multiple filtration options to fit your specific pollution control needs–HEPA filters for sub-micronic or toxic/hazardous substances; oil impingement filters for oil mist; carbon filters for odors and gases; and a selection of pre-filters and bag filters ranging in both size and efficiency. The filters are easy to replace or clean, and the media collection sufface holds up to 30% more contaminant than comparable products, which means less frequent filter changes.