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CI High-Resistance
Industrial Chimney
For over 30 years, Security Chimneys has been an innovator in the venting field and a market leader in North America. Instrumental in the company's growth has been the introduction of new products and improvements to existing lines. This unrelenting quest for excellence has now given rise to the Cl insulated chimney, a high-quality product designed to deliver optimal performance. This new chimney system ensures outstanding venting while minimizing condensation.

Field of Application
The Cl chimney system is to be used with residential, commercial or industrial heating appliances powered by either liquid or gas fuels. Its sealing efficiency makes it suitable for negative or positive-pressure appliances as well as for high-efficiency and high-condensation appliances. It also has been tested by Warnock Hersey, according to UL-103 HT (Ø 305 to 670mm/ 12to24 inches) for use with masonry fireplaces (solid fuel appliances) (U.S.only).

Security Chimneys' Cl chimney is a stainless steel double-wall flue with thermal insulation provided by a mineral-fibre liner between its outer and inner walls. The inner wall of the Cl can be plasma welded to ensure better corrosron resistance. It is also available with mechanical locking seam.

The external casing of the Cl chimney carries the structural load. The inner lining is free floating and attached only to the male coupler at the top, allowing it to expand and contract as flue-gas temperatures change, therefore eliminating the need for special expansion joints.

Selected stainless steel:
The CI chimney system is available in various grades of stainless steel selected for their resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.
AISI 316 and 444
Calibre: 016, 024, 032 and 040
AISI 316, 444, 434 and Galvalume
Calibre: 016, 018, 024
In Canada and the U.S. the 444 and 316 have proven remarkably resistant to general corrosion and particularly pitting.
444 stainless steel: specially designed to be stable at high temperatures and provide high-corrosion resistance. It is particularly resistant to pitting corrosion in chlorine environments, because of its molybdene alloy.
316 stainless steel: commonly used in chemical plants and the ship-building industry because of its excellent resistance to corrosion.
Technical data regarding the above steels are available from our Engineering Department.

The CI insulated chimney is lined with the highest quality insulation, densely packed to ensure low heat loss, maximum draft, minimal condensation and a 50 mm (2 inches) close clearance to combustible materials.
The thickness of the insulation varies with the diameter; 127 to 254 mm (5 to 70 inches) = 25 mm (7 inch) of insulation.
305 to 610 mm (12 to 24 inches) = SOmm (2 inches) of insulation.

  • For sizes greater than 610 mm (24 inches) a 100 mm (4-inch) clearance is needed.
  • For wood-burning fireplaces and diameters of 305 mm (72 inches) or more, a 100 mm (4-inch) clearance from combustible materials is required.