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SoundChek Modular Panel Systems
Rink Sound Control has been manufacturing custom designed prefabricated acoustical panel enclosures since 1966. Today, as a division of Ruskin, the world leader in louvers and dampers, Rink continues to economically provide top quality and unparalleled performance.
Rink and Ruskin have joined forces and invested the capital and resources to attain acoustical leadership. Investing capital into manufacturing equipment, manufacturing operations, research and development facilities along with new product development, Ring is insuring future growth. Rink's experience in the acoustical product arena combined with Ruskin's operations, manufacturing and management strength, will provide you with solutions to your sound control challenges.

We're Your System Design Assistant
Utilizing Rink's modular SoundChek panel system is easy. Simply lay out the size plenum or enclosure that your project requires and let Rink's engineers know the system parameters such as pressure class acoustical and thermal requirements–Rink's engineers will take it from there.

Structural Integrity
Rink's SoundChek panels have internal stiffeners placed at no more than 16" on-center. The box frame is also welded in the corners of the rails to end caps to assure true and square panels. This makes our panels the most rigid in the industry.

Longer span panels without the need for additional field supplied high cost structural steel Another labor saver when it comes to assembly.

SoundChek modular panels can he used to manufacture plenums and enclosures much larger than 20 feet, therefore Rink designers can incorporate structural steel beams and angles to carry increased panel spans, wind loads, live loads and even snow loads. Rink has the in-house expertise to design such systems and provide the structural steel required to meet your project requirements. All Rink structural components come factory cut to length and prime painted. Just another manufacturing policy that saves the installer labor, time and money!

Rink Panels Utilize a
Tongue and Groove Panel Joint
Rink's panel joint offers an air tight, structurally strong slip fit connection. This joint is factory insulated to prevent thermal break out. The joint also allows for access in the future if you ever need access to the area. Don't be fooled by snap lock joints that allow no future access!

Rink's joint requires only one set of screws, one bead of caulking and no joint trim (H-Strip) to be handled during the assembly process. The box framing of the panel has been designed so that the panel's insulation fills the joint, no dirty loose pieces of insulation have to be handled during assembly. Therefore no condensation can build up on the outside of the plenum. Air tight and thermally sound the first time!