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Wet Electrostatic Precipitators
The Geoenergy E-Tube™ Wet ESP is widely accepted as a leading technology for the control of fine particulate emissions. With its patented high-intensity discharge electrode, the E-Tube solves sub-micron emission problems where other technologies fail. Complete turnkey systems are offered, including water recycle and dispooal systems, retrofits and wet scrubbing (quench) pretreatment systems.

Carbon Bed Biofiltration Systems
Geoenergy MicroBiotic Carbon™ Biofiltration Systems are carbon bed media biofilters which employ microorganisrns to biologically digest and oxidize VOCs and simultaneously regenerate the carbon bed in industrial, remedial and municipal operations. With the utilization of carbon as the media, these systems offer the lowest operational costs, minimal supplemental water, infinite media life, elimination of media compaction and degradation, low pressure drops and 95+% removal efficiencies. Capacities up to 500,000 scfm.

Catalytic Oxidizers
GeoCat™ Catalytic Oxidizers provide a proven, low temperature solution to a wide range of VOC emission applications with unique engineered features for cost effective, long term, reliable operation. Capacities up to 80,000 scfm.

Thermal Oxidizers
GeoTherm™ Thermal Oxidizers are rugged dependable technology for eliminating a broad spectrum of VOC emissions. Based on years of reliable performance, the GeoTherm offers up to 85% heat recovery, 99+% destruction efficiency, low NOx and CO operation, enclosed burner maintenance feature, full equipment enclosures. Capacities up to 80,000 scfm.

Dual Chamber
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

The GeoTherm™ Dual Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer provides reliable, proven designs with major advantages such as: lower capital cost due to utilizing only two chambers and only two diverting valves, guaranteed destruction efficiencies of 98+% (the only dual chamber RTO that can offer this guarantee), lower pressure drop (less than 1/2 the pressure drop of other systems due to its use of a unique structured media, simplicity (far fewer pneumatic valves than conventional RTOs) and far simpler controls due to no purge fans, valve cycling, hydraulics, etc. High efficiency flameless combustion design eliminates production of NOx or excessive CO. Proven design: multiple dual bed units currently installed on successful operations.

Fluidized Bed
VOC Concentrator Systems

Innovative Adsorber/Desorber technology which provides superior concentration of VOC's and air toxics. Systems provide volumetric reduction rates up to 10,000:1 and offer space saving designs, low capital cost, easy operation, long-term reliability, low energy consumption, and safe operation. The VOC concentrator systems can be utilized for solvent recovery or for hazardous contaminant destruction and can provide removal and recovery rates of 95-99%.