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Fabric Filter Dust Collectors and
Hazardous Emission Control Systems

Aeropulse is a manufacturer of air filters and dust control equipment. Available are all types of modular and engineered dust control puIse-jet baghouses, as well as the AeroScrub Emission Control Systems for hospital and hazardous waste incinerators, industrial process and waste-to-energy plants. These systems offer flexibility and high efficiencies for applications where particulate control and acid gas removal are required simultaneously.

The Differences Between
Us and Them

Managing airborne particulates with an AeroPulse pulse-jet baghouse has several important advantages over other alternatives–whether your application is in asphalt, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products, incineration of hazardous materials, or any other particulate-generating process.
Advantages of AeroPulse baghouses include:

  • increased reliability less energy for cleaning
  • easier bag removal
  • longer bag life
  • lower operating costs    

How Pulse-Jet Dust Removal Works

Pulse-jet dust removal is the key to the high efficiency and low operating costs of AeroPulse baghouses. Bags are supported on metal cages, and dust-laden gas enters from the outside, with clean gas exiting from the inside through the plenum. Dust is deposited on the outside of the bags.
To clean the bag, a short burst or pulse of clean gas is injected into the top of the bag. The pulse consists of about 20-25% compressed air and 75-80% gas which has just been cleaned. The combination of compressed air and induced gas creates a wave, removing dust from the outside of the bags. Because the pulse instantaneously reverses the flow of gas through the bag, fine particles trapped between fibers are also removed, providing highly efficient cleaning. Dust then falis into a collection hopper.